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    Pragmatic Node.js and React software house

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  • Key services

    We offer our developers to join your team. We do bespoke apps, too.


    Apart from coding, we know a lot about CRMs, marketing automation, customer tracking, sales funnel optimisation, billing & payment solutions, customer service automation, content mgmt and more.


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    We combine CRM, data analytics and marketing tech to acquire, satisfy and sustain your customers​. Salesforce and Zuora are our proven tools of choice.

    You drive the product, we do the tech. We build stuff and scale it up with node.js and React.js.

    Fasten your seatbelt, our full-stack ninjas go super fast!

    E-commerce is going mobile. Be sure to get there before anyone else does! Be it native Android & iOS apps or React Native & Cordova hybrids.

  • Our clients

    Our clients choose us because we've built products from scratch till millions of users.

    voucherify - automate your voucher campaigns


    Voucherify is the easiest way to equip your growth team with voucher machinery - a marketing dashboard and developer-friendly API.


    Jodel is a social network app that gives you live feed of what the community is saying around you. rspective helps Jodel out with the large scale (2M+ installs) on the architecture and dev-ops side.


    Grover (formerly BYEBUY) has introduced a new monthly subscription service, changing the way we consume gadgets and latest technology products forever. Explore, enjoy, pay-as-you-go. Send back any time.



    Merolt is the new hotel portal that specializes in bookings for business travelers. 400k hotels world-wide are only 3 clicks away. tech: java, dropwizard, aws, pgsql


    Kontist provides the banking services freelancers deserve, making finances easy. rspective carries out backend and mobile app development. TECH: node.js, react native, docker.



    meinunterricht.de is a spotify for teaching material. This ed-tech platform offers a wide range of content that helps teachers prepare for their classes.

    Tech: node.js, zuora, rabbitmq, aws, mongodb, MYSQL, DOCKER


    With hundreds of billions of analysed images, ShareIQ delivers a ground-breaking service for image marketing analytics for your brand. We help RezF tackle scalability & performance challenges and UI. Tech: React.js, d3.js, elasticsearch, AWS


    Introducing a semantic network aided algorithm to automate content generation for Semper (formerly UnlockYourBrain) - a disruptive e-learning app with a community of 1M+. Tech: Node.js, neo4j, angular.js, coffeescript

    KISI Inc.


    KISI is a scalable smart lock and keyless access solution for your office. rspective helps KISI iterate on the product by providing a dedicated full stack software team. Tech: Node.js, ReactJS, Ruby, MongoDB

    SAS Institute

    SAS Institute

    Technical consulting, developing a set of scalable and performance-critical software components that leverage integration of SAS software with external banking systems. 


    Swarm takes B2C marketing technology to the next level with their loyalty mobile apps and PoS integrations. We help Swarm roll out new brands and features on all fronts. Tech: node.js, io.js, React.js, ReactNative, docker

    20 moments

    20moments turns your smartphone, Instagram and Facebook photos into a unique printed photo book and have it sent to you. Tech: Android, Paypal, Stripe, AWS.


    Online marketing & TV campaign

    solutions, dynamic video retargeting, advanced customer analytics. While 7plans crunches unsolvable business problems, we keep their IT up and running. Tech: node.js, piwik, ga, angular.js, mysql, openshift, aws, datadog.

    Nodeschool silesia


    Nodeschool is a world-wide initiative based on open source workshops that teach web software skills, especially Node.js. rspective is the first to bring these workshops to Poland and build a great community around it!


    Winners Group

    Mobile apps for iOS 7 & Android, websites for various brands.

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  • Testimonials

    Don't just take our word for it.

    Brian Killen

    CEO at ShareIQ

    Hiring really good tech people in Berlin is a challenge these days. We decided to give it a try and invited rspective to help us build our platform. We get on well, the quality and speed is just fine. And we would never expect commitment that high!

    Michael Cassau

    CEO at Grover

    The people behind rspective have proven their tech consulting and execution skills by building our internal operating platform and have a very business first pragmatic approach to problem solving. This helps us keep a rapid growth rate and effectively process all our orders in real-time.

    Alessio A. Borgmeyer

    CEO at Jodel

    rspective joined our team in a pressing moment. Our userbase was sky-rocketing and the product required a solid support in software architecture and performance. Not only did they ensure both, but they also managed to kick off in 1 week.

    Sebastian Galonska

    CTO at Kontist

    rspective is a first class operation. Communication, engineering talent, speed and understanding of where we’re going commercially with the business are core strengths. Highly recommend working with them.


    Ben Wüstenhagen

    MD at K.lab Berlin

    We reached out to rspective in a critical moment for our business. Not only did they seamlessly take over some parts of our IT platform, they also helped push our subscription service to a higher level with Zuora and AWS.​

    Rowan Vlaming

    CEO at SWARM Loyalty

    rspective was a critical part of our dev team during a sensitive time of  rebuilding of our solution. We found them very professional. They always delivered a high caliber of work within the needed timeframes.

    Michał Wojnicki

    SAS Institute Polska

    With impressive software and communication skills, rspective is able to deliver reliable and performant software for the BI & banking sector. Their commitment and flexibility helps us efficiently roll out integrations with our clients’ systems.

    Michał Cwajna

    CEO at Mobbe

    I like rspective for their engineering talent. They combine open communication with great knowledge in web & mobile technologies. Without their commitment we wouldn’t have released our product that soon!

    Bart Ploskonka

    CM at WinnersGroup

    rspective constantly proves to be a great fit in a distributed product team. Highly recommended!

  • SaaS technologies: salesforce, typeform, zoho, nexmo, mandrill, mailchimp, amazon web services, dropbox, paypal, gmail, magento, heroku, pipedrive, twilio, contentful, stripe, google drive, firebase, zendesk, onedrive

    Pragmatism as a service.

    We love to leverage cloud services to do the heavy lifting - this adds a lot of value instantly. We have experience integrating dozens of SaaS and PaaS services.


    The less custom software, the better. You don't need a ton of code that soon turns cumbersome in maintenance, do you?




    Languages and frameworks: node.js, javascript, couchdb, angularjs, java, scala, elasticsearch, android, ios, ruby, rails, python, react.js, PostgreSQL, windows, R, django, elixir, erlang, mongodb, sharepoint

    Pick the right tools.

    There's no one-size-fits-all. We choose tech stacks pragmatically.


    Lightweight node.js web apps, angular.js and react.js frontends, Android & iOS apps, heavy & performant Java backends, Ruby spikes, cloud-ready scalable architecture, dev-ops, full-text search solutions, and tons of SaaS.


    startup endorphins poster: all things are difficult before they are easy

    We move the needle.

    We are pragmatic. We continuously adapt to what makes sense for your business. We value simplicity and transparency.


    Thanks to all that, we make things happen in no time. And we can do rocket science - yep, we've done that before!





  • Team of ninjas

    We are a small company. That's good, we want to keep it that way. Thanks to that, we move fast and are always one step ahead.


    rspective counts 20 trusted and razor-sharp individuals with 5+ yrs of experience in their fields of expertise. Together we form a truly outstanding team.

    Tomasz Pindel

    Tomasz Pindel


    full-stack ninja

    Leader & project manager, experienced in lean software delivery. Strives for simplicity & pragmatic approach. Enjoys football and alpine skiing.

    lnkd.in, @tpindel, github

    Paweł Rychlik

    Paweł Rychlik


    full-stack ninja

    Pragmatic software ninja & pm, fan of transparent processes and simple solutions. Unstoppable snowboarder and biker.

    lnkd.in, @pawelrychlik, github

    Michał Sędzielewski

    Michał Sędzielewski


    full-stack ninja

    Software project manager, values individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Enjoys running, jazz and reportage.


    Błażej Andraszyk

    Błażej Andraszyk

    full-stack ninja

    salesforce consultant

    Highly skilled software dev focused on usability, simplicity & continuous improvements. In free time enjoys football, volleyball and computer gaming.


    Marcin Polak

    Marcin Polak

    mobile ninja

    Likes clean and simple code, in love with mobile technologies, especially Android and iOS, focused on creating polished and responsive applications helping end-users achieve their goals painlessly.

    lnkd.in, github

    Adrian Wilczek

    Adrian Wilczek

    full-stack ninja

    Software enthusiast, fan of simple but efficient code. Fullstack programmer with special love for Java and Node.js. In free time jogging, sailing or skiing.


    Marcin Róg

    Marcin Róg

    full-stack ninja

    zuora.com expert

    Full-stack developer with a sharp analytical mind. Focused to constantly develop his skills, and to share the knowledge with others. After hours - marathon runner and stock market wizard.


    Łukasz Wiktor

    Łukasz Wiktor

    full-stack ninja

    Software engineer aiming to create clean and robust solutions. Keen on new technologies. Fan of functional programming. Likes to spend free time actively.



    Tomasz Sikora

    Tomasz Sikora

    full-stack ninja

    JavaScript/Node.js/React.js developer, DevOps culture fan. Addicted to music, almost all kind.


    Paweł Janik

    Paweł Janik

    full-stack ninja

    Enthusiast of JavaScript, React.js and React Native, open to new technologies. Not afraid of challenges, enjoys solving complex problems. In his spare time he likes to develop his skills, work out on gym and relax with good music.


    Michał Moczulski

    Michał Moczulski

    full-stack ninja

    Javascript developer mostly focused on backends. Solid Java background. Clean code enthusiast, likes challenges and learns new things quickly. Enjoys walks with his wife, running, biking, books and good music.

    github, lnkd.in@ma_moczulski

    Maciej Andraszyk

    Maciek Andraszyk

    full-stack ninja

    Enthusiast of js / Node.js / React.js, bearing in mind C# and .Net skills, open for new technologies. Likes to deliver simple but efficient solutions and keep things organized. Enjoys board games.

    github, lnkd.in

    Łukasz Kulig

    Łukasz Kulig

    full-stack ninja

    Fan of simplicity and good design. Constantly looking for new challenges and ways to improve himself. After work - big fan of Japanese culture, enjoys volleyball and gaming.

    github, lnkd.in

    Jakub Reczko

    Jakub Reczko

    front-end ninja

    Software developer focused on front-ends. Fascinated by the possibilities of modern web dev. Privately, big enthusiast of traveling, active lifestyle, instrumental music and spiders.

    github, lnkd.in@imvanzen

    Karolina Kozłowska

    Karolina Kucharska

    marketing ninja

    Supports developers in activities for which they have no time – mixes competence from marketing, HR and administration. After hours – bookworm, half marathon runner and bike lover.

    Mateusza Mrowiec

    Mateusz Mrowiec

    full-stack ninja

    Supporter of Linux and open-source movement. Everything JavaScript, NodeJS, React and Electron enthusiast. After hours interested in gaming, gamedev and electronic music.

    github, lnkd.in, @mr_oova

    Kamil Tałanda

    Kamil Tałanda

    full-stack ninja

    Focused on mobile and web technologies. Android enthusiast. Likes to follow new trends and learn new things coming up in technology. Apart from programming he enjoys volleyball, BJJ and surfing.

    github, lnkd.in

    Mirosław Zawisza

    Mirosław Zawisza

    full-stack + mobile ninja

    Android and full-stack engineer who values clean code and tries to Keep It Simple. Loves Linux and open source. In free time he plays guitar, runs with his dogs, sails, rides horses and practices martial arts.


    Mirosław Zawisza

    Paweł Widomski

    full-stack + salesforce ninja

    Full-stack developer, open to challenges and new technologies. After work enjoys electronics, IoT, motorcycles and gym.


    Mirosław Zawisza

    Filip Kręcichwost

    full-stack ninja

    Fan of JavaScript technologies, with a broad SQL experience. Likes to resolve unconventional problems. Enjoys gardening and brewing liqueurs.


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    Node.js, angular.js, react.js, heroku, twilio, stripe, mixpanel, salesforce, dropwizard, docker, vagrant, contentful, ruby, ios, swift, android, elasticsearch, cassandra and even good old java. Do you speak it?


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