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Want AI in your marketing department? Relieve your developers

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Recently, artificial intelligence has dominated the world of marketing and startup news websites.

I happen to believe that this is a litmus paper for what marketers or growth hackers want to read, explore, and eventually apply in their businesses nowadays.

Daniel Mroz’s illustration of Trurl - a genius constructor from The Cyberiad

Coming from a tech background, I’m kinda surprised this is becoming mainstream these days. Although fat cats like Netflix or Google clearly benefit from using advanced algorithms such as ML, I believe there’s a limited set of problems you can solve with machine learning in the vast majority of marketing departments. And having been a part of software development teams building tools for marketing departments for many years now, I can’t help but think that introducing AI should not be (generally speaking) a marketers’ priority at the moment.

Read the full article on the Voucherify blog.

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