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The first nodeschool in Poland

learn web software skills

It’s been almost a year now since we started working with a startup. It has been a time of a great effort we made to develop platform supporting successful company in day to day operations. During this time we’ve been flexible and fast in delivering new features.

Appropriate technology and software development approach allowed us to deploy live to production after a few hours since feature was defined. Honestly, I must admit that it is really motivating and satisfying feeling to see your implementation working live in almost no time. To get better understanding of the way we work, I invite you to read Pawel’s post.

To be able to do so, therefore, we had to use specific development tools. The above mentioned flexibility and speed comes with JavaScript and node.js. The node.js makes you combine together different modules to build an application. Thanks to great community and size of the node’s package manager repository (around 120k different modules), access to 3rd party components is really easy.

Moreover tools like mean.js, hackathon-starter, yo generators boost the efficiency of JS developers. Those gadgets help you to kickstart new projects, prescribing best practices and stay productive. This helps to solve many things from the very beginning, for instance:

Seeing great power we are getting along with JS and node.js, we decided to share this knowledge with community. Therefore, we’ve recently launched open source workshops that teach JavaScript/node.js skills. You can find us on website, twitter and gitter. Our first meeting is arranged on 6th February at 5:30pm (ending planned at 8pm). All seats have been booked so far, however we will keep you posted whether we get something available for this term.

Don’t be upset, this event will be recurrent. Accordingly to the needs, we will arrange workshops on different levels of difficulty. So, it will be even possible to get explanation and perform assignments from previous meetings. This depends mostly on the strong demand from you.

By launching this initiative we want to build community which will grow and give possibility to develop web software skills. We are planning to engage more experienced participants who would take the leading role in the workshops. And finally, we hope that gathering so many creative people in one place will produce innovative ideas and original products.

Meetings will be hosted by the rspective team. Feel free to ask them hard questions. They love challenges and are very eager to tackle some difficult software problems.

I am sure it will be truly amazing adventure and a decent load of experience (for both junior and senior developers). Feel invited! :)

Spread the news about silesian nodeschool group. Follow us on Twitter: @nodeschoolpl@rspective & @tpindel.

Interested in using node.js in your project? Drop us a line at contact[at]

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