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Streamlining deployments with flightplan.js

· devops

The deployment process is a crucial step of the software development lifecycle.

When it comes to Node.js world specifically, two major approaches have emerged. One of them is a brisk and seamless “git push heroku” style. The second one, which we’ll describe in this article, targets generally more advanced deployment pipelines—the ones which consist of dozens of application servers and often require zero downtime policy.

By using the presented method, we achieved a zero-downtime deploy that is regularly executed on 50 – 120 servers during the workday, but can scale up to some bigger numbers.

This approach goes far beyond a handy one-liner and calls for custom code. So, our goal is to show you how to put together an easy-to-maintain deployment script with a (not-so-) little help from flightplan.js.

Read the full article on the Voucherify blog.

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