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Agile Learning Presentation

In November 2012 me and Tomek were invited to present a lecture as part of the BIT festival. It’s a mixture of IT-focused presentations, workshops, job fairs and game contests organised by BEST organisation. The idea behind it is to facilitate collaboration of local high-tech businesses with students and academics.

BIT speakers usually reveal tech-oriented secrets of their everyday work creating a great learning opportunity to seize by undergraduates. It was no different this year. Local companies prepared several good talks about e.g. Domain-Driven Design, BizTalk or Mobile Development.

When I was a student I always took advantage of such conferences. I believe they’ve boosted my career. But in retrospective, I wish I had an opportunity to listen to other relevant non-tech issues as: people skills or learning methods in a corporate environment.

And that’s how we came up with the idea of: ShuHaRi – Agile learning.

The talk describes the ways of getting your brain up and running including: the brain nature, learning models and productivity tips a student can leverage with little effort.

Here are the slides:

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