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SaaS Tech Meetup

Katowice, Poland

A few weeks ago in Porcelana Park we hosted the first SaaS Tech meetup and thus started a series of meetings on software as a service tools and API platforms intended to make e-commerce software development faster.

The first talk presented by Błażej Andraszyk described Stripe. Not only did he run through the most popular features but also presented one of the beta option - Managed Accounts.

The second talk was a guide through a real life scenario with Twilio. Tomasz Pindel showed us how to leverage Twilio's simple API and reasonable charing policy to quickly support your product with SMS and Voice capabilities.

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  • submit your issue or question and get a quick response
  • exchange knowledge/use cases with other members or should I say developers
  • meet the Polish team 🍻  and learn how we engineer the API behind the scenes

This text is a repost from voucherify's blog.

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