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rspective in numbers

We came up with an idea of sharing some numbers and showing where we are today as a software company.

2014 has been a really busy year for us. We’ve learnt a lot - about startups, about new SaaS technologies available out there, about practical applications of machine learning, about all the things that are behind the scenes when steering a small and ambitious company. Happily, 2015 looks even more exciting!

The team

Today rspective has 10 people on board. We plan to grow our team to 15~20 people by the end of the year. The good part is that on the market we are known to hire only the best of the best.


We are currently running 3 projects. We seek more stability and therefore are actively looking for new leads and opportunities (our offer in more details). We hope to grow the team a little bit, and kick off new projects soon.


We also play our role in the community - we had the pleasure to organize the first nodeschool workshops in Poland. The demand was so high, that shortly after we had opened the registration - the tickets were all gone. We are in the middle of preparing the next iteration, and plan to make it a monthly recurring event. Stay tuned!

Speaking of community, we surely need to mention Wojtek who has been giving talks and presentations for many user groups ever since and raising the bar with every step.

Open Source

On top of that, we grow our open-source contribution. Thanks to Bandro we released an awesome-rating plugin and thanks to Marcin we have TaggerString - a handy helper library for Android. More info on github.

Orange Labs

Moreover, we push hard even after hours :). One of our internal hackathons (and probably a weekend trip to the mountains) resulted in a working prototype of a complaint management platform - namely ViaCRM. An idea that we had pursued further and polished a little bit, adding some technical sugar (e.g. WebRTC integration, phone call and SMS support), have gained the interest of Orange Labs - we won the 2nd prize at Business Intelligence Hackathon organized by Orange.

Last but not least - we have a new & larger office space in Katowice, Poland, and a brand new website and blog!

To sum up, things are going pretty well and quite fast at rspective. We hope to push even harder in the upcoming months. We’ll keep you posted!
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