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Proved tech tips for e-commerce startup founders

If you’re about to start your new venture, you might now be bothering yourself about many tech aspects. Where to find reliable software developers, which programming languages consider, what kind of fancy frameworks and magic tools use. The more you get into it, the more question marks arise. What to do then to outpace your competition? Sadly, there are no silver bullet answers here. And this is not another choose-this-over-that advice. What I’d like to share instead is a bunch of field-tested tips that rspective has come up with when working with sky-rocketing startups.

Backlog earthquakes, tons of A/B testing, vicious copypasting and finally throwing features away on e-v-e-r-y single day. Sounds familiar? To make matter worse these are just starters. Software development in a dashing startup world goes insane. Trust me, we’ve been there. If you want to go fast, you’d better find a well-knit team of software ninjas. Devs who iterate quickly and keep off over-engineering.

Develop the right product at the right cost

But if you want to go strikingly fast, your custom piece of software is not enough. No matter how many senior developers you have hired. What really helps generating business value from day 1 is getting familiar with the SaaS world. Now the point is to get the best out of it while keeping your system healthy and ready to pivot at any time.

We have prepared a series of articles showing how to combine these two worlds to develop the right product at the right cost. We try to give arguments showing benefits of incorporating SaaS in your core systems, such as:

  • cost-effectiveness,
  • flexibility and fast releases,
  • scalability,
  • best practices.

Likewise, we want to outline problems when working with external components. We will show how to work them around - as we’ve learnt it the hard way. Enjoy!

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