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E-commerce goes indisputably mobile. Make sure you get there before your competition! We have experience in building secure business apps including: shopping, ecommerce, coupon, mobile payments and marketing.
iOS is nowadays the leading mobile platform. It is therefore important to ensure that you cover this market with your top-notch app. Our devs ensure your app is pixel-perfect by following Human Interface Guidelines Moreover thanks to AutoLayout feature your app keeps responsiveness and thus fits both iPhone and all iPads screens. We know how to handle push notifications so your users can expect real-time experience and rock solid stability!
Androids popularity is spreading like a wildfire. Dozens of new smartphones, tablets and other devices appear every month. It is vital to ensure its appropriate treatment. First and foremost we pay attention to cover 99% of devices so you can be sure your app gives the same look and feel to all customers. Moreover, our development approach supports all Android devices starting from version 2.3. Last but not least, you can have a sneak peek to BETA versions every moment you want!
Development process
Understand the problem
In the first phase we listen to you. We are all ears. We want to gain as much knowledge about your needs as we can. We won't leave the meeting room until we have a comprehensive vision of the problem you want to solve and the purpose behind your app. The mixture of acquired business domain and our experience help us clarify specification and conceptualise functionality.
Concept and proposal
Before we go full power on development we want to make sure you'll get most out of your money. We use a prototype-based process to present the solution with a detailed effort estimate for each functionality. Now you can decide on priorities and final scope.
Development and testing
Our Mobile Developers run through agreed plan. They deliver your app one by one asking for feedback every so often. By using a comprehensive test tools we ensure that your app is error free! Moreover, with an ever growing number of devices with different screen-sizes or OS versions it is important to make sure your app work there as well. 
Launch and optimisation
The final day comes. Your app is live but this doesn't mean we finished our job. We set automated monitoring systems to make sure your users are satisfied with app and that they don't experience any bugs or crashes.
BOOK A TIGER - check out our apps helping a successful startup improve their customer service and cooperation with partners.
ViaCRM - Thanks to ViaCRM passengers can easily submit their complaints/opinions via website, mobile app, SMS, phone call or social media! Plus, they are notified on-line while your customer service solves the issue. See more
Slims - Community platform allowing people to keep up their motivation for fitness by finding a sport buddy. Check out the website and Google Play.
Scout - A platform for football scouts which thanks to advanced reporting features helps to spot and pick out the rising stars in multiple football leagues. From the technical side it's a cloud-based platform with multi-tenant support and an Android mobile app for convenience.
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