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Meet our new web designer

Recently our website has received more and more compliments. Clients and friends are enthusiastic about simple design and readability. They ask for the agency we hired or the magic framework we used under the hood. The funny thing is – we didn’t.

But let’s start from the beginning. 1.5 years ago we decided to kick off our business. We wanted to build a top-notch team carrying out IT consulting and delivering tailored software solutions for enterprise clients – mission goes: we are pragmatic, we are committed, we are reliable, we can do rocket science!

So we wanted a website that would bring these values out. Although we have broad experience in web development, front-end design wasn’t really our cup of tea at the time – let alone the responsive thingy. That’s why we came up with an idea of finding a ready template and tweaking it up to present our offer and mindset.

We bought one and… it took us 2 weeks to get it in place the way we wanted it to look. Apart from small design glitches, the most time consuming things were to configure clients’ request handler, analytics, responsive design, SEO, blog, images, contact info with map and even more minor things.

2 weeks. Even though we worked on it only on evenings we could have expected to release it like way sooner.

But this wasn’t the end of issues. When it was about to be release we faced the hosting problems. Plethora of providers, pricing models, overblown configuration panels. Come on, we just want to publish our dead simple static website and focus on our business!

All in all it was like 3 weeks to deliver and setup the simple website. It looked like this:

One year later during a product prototyping session I came across Strikingly. I approached it coldly as I have bad experience with WYSIWYG editors. But after a few clicks – literally – I could prepare and launch a dashing landing page. I liked it. After an hour of tweaking I went further and tried PRO. Now I could setup a domain, adjust images on the fly and put some custom html/css/js code if necessary for only $16. Great!

If it’s that simple, let’s redesign!

It took me like 3h including looking for proper images/icons etc. This is because Strikingly offers a variety of useful widgets you’ll ever need to create business landing page: landing panels, call to actions, testimonials, social media integration. It comes with eye-catching styles and collection of high quality images and icons. And did I mention that the site is mobile-first?

On top of that we get quick access to beautiful stats. It gives quick insights providing: unique views, traffic sources, country segmentation. No need for digging in google analytics monster. Take a look:

I presented it as a whole to my partners and they were amazed. It was a no brainer to give Strikingly a change – “A brand new website in no time, way better than previous one? Let’s migrate today!”

To recap, Strikingly is a perfect choice for people who want to launch their website ASAP without compromising design and quality. Although we still miss a few things like blog engine (to say wordpress goodbye) or an internationalisation module, with the speed strikingly delivers new features I’m sure they’ll be in place soon.

Big thanks for Strikingly’s customer care and dev teams!

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