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Looking for a CTO and a tech team for your next big thing?

Over the course of time, we’ve been evaluating a handful of business models, we’ve been involved in quite a few projects with large corporations as well as startup companies, and we have sort of realized what works for us and our clients and what doesn’t. While there’s really plenty of variables in this equation, one thing we take for granted.

Target market

We aim to work with startups and ambitious companies which are open for lean product development, disruptive ideas and rapid growth.

From our experience we know that this happens to be an extremely demanding environment to work in, requiring tons of creativity and determination as well as heavy responsibility. It is a place where people push themselves over limits, out of their comfort zone, in order to constantly grow with experience and do things that others consider not feasable. Well, that's our natural habitat.
Value proposition

We are a software company. We help fast-growing companies automate their operations from IT perspective.

In short: It’s you who drives the product (service). We are the technical brains behind it - we make it happen in no time.

We aim to help you pick the right tools and build the technical solution you need in order to launch the product or service. Along the way, we iterate often, deploy many times a day, introduce new core features and experiment with mind-blowing ideas, continuously improving the metrics that matter. And finally, as your company grows on the market - we let you scale it all the way up to serving thousands of returning customers.

Concrete examples

In fact, as for concrete examples - we’ve been responsible for delivering and scaling the following features:

  • CRM customization & integrations - collecting data, modelling the business process (especially Uber-style platforms),
  • custom multi-party invoicing process (various pricing models, payment methods, fee calculations, refunds, PDF generation, cloud storage, delivery),
  • customer service automation - resource allocation, call centers & click-to-call, SMS notifications, data visualization (e.g. maps), complaint management solutions,
  • funnel optimization, business metrics, customer tracking and reporting for data-driven BI analysis, decision aid with machine learning,
  • eye-catching websites, iOS and Android mobile apps, marketing email campaigns, voucher and partner discount mgmt,
  • the software needed to glue all the parts together in a way that ensures no data is lost and the platform is easy to maintain.
CTO & Tech Team for hire

How does it work in practise? Let us be your CTO and/or your tech team. We'll be happy to take over your tech stack. But beware - we go super fast! :)

Our domain is a rapidly changing environment, that's why we usually go with time & material model. It often makes sense to kick off the project with 2-3 experienced developers, coworking together on-site, then gradually scale the team as your specific needs grow.

It's been proven to work for us and our clients. Please see the testimonials, slide through our values and have a look at our portfolio for more information.

Does it sound interesting to you? Reach out to us at or:

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