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JavaScript community we can be proud of

When we launched registrations for the first NodeSchool meetup in Poland, all seats were taken within 2h. On the second NodeSchool meetup, which we held on last Friday, the number of participants doubled - more than 50 people showed up! With these numbers, it seems that we have a real chance to create a strong community around Node.js and JavaScript technologies here in Poland.

In the meantime we've noticed some movements in other Polish cities - rspective has been invited as mentors for the Łódź NodeSchool edition, and have seen interest in bringing the initiative to Wrocław as well.

Solving Workshoppers

The meeting itself, despite being announced 2 weeks before, was quite spontaneous in many ways. It took place in a completely new location - the brand new HQ of Hackerspace Silesia. It was kind an experiment in terms of organization and equipment - just enough room to have (pretty much) everybody seated, with wifi, power supply and a projector.

Having said that, the meetup came out as great learning/teaching experience! It was fun to take a fresh look at Workshoppers’ solution provided by people coming from different backgrounds. Our mentors prepared descriptive presentations as an intro for further coding. For those who couldn’t show up, we uploaded the workshop slides so that you can catch up:

JavaScript developers networking

Despite little space, it was also a great networking experience. It turns out there are many new faces heavily involved in promoting open source commitment locally and meetings like this help them channel their efforts.

All the more reason for scheduling 3rd meetup soon and - wait for it - NodeSchool International Day in May!

But to make it happen we need your help. As you can see here, there is a growing number of tasks to be assigned. Every pair of hands counts, so run thourgh the list and let us know on gitter what tasks you’re ready to take up. Also, for the first time we’d like to organise call for mentors. It’s a good fun and a nice way of testing yourself as a teacher. Give Wojtek a buzz if you still have some objections.

Thanks everybody for coming, it was a pleasure to meet you all at Hackerspace Silesia. Big thanks to HS hosts as well - happy to organise next meetup with you guys. We also say thank you to NodeSchool authors for coming up with this great format of knowledge sharing.

Last but not least, watch out for a new Workshopper we’re working on!
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