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Java developer @ rspective

Location: Katowice, PL

We are rspective - a pragmatic software house. We help fast-growing companies automate their operations from IT perspective. We aim to work with startups and ambitious companies which are open for lean product development, disruptive ideas and rapid growth.

Key services that we provide:

  • Startups: Let us be your CTO & tech team. Fasten your seatbelt, we go super fast!
  • Software development: Full-stack software ninja teams available for hire. Like now!
  • Mobile apps: E-commerce is going mobile. Be sure to get there before anyone else does!

#softwaredev #startups #saas #fullstack #backend #frontend #mobile #crm #cloud #nodejs #java #salesforce #lean

A perfect candidate:

  • is an experienced java developer with a strong motivation for learning new technologies,
  • knows some bits of javascript and html5,
  • likes to experiment with new tools and languages,
  • is willing to work in challenging startup projects, in small but powerful teams, among people with many years of experience in tech and business,
  • speaks IT business language and fluent English,

  • knows bash spells and cloud technologies,

  • enjoys being pushed out of the comfort zone.

Your job will be to:

  • build new features in dynamic startup environment using the latest technologies:
    • java 8, dropwizard 1.0, groovy + spock, PostgreSQL, HTML5, scss, node.js,
    • AWS, jenkins 2.0, SaaS integrations,
    • architecture based on verticals, and feature-toggles
  • take ownership of features, beginning with an idea, through implementation and iterations, till production deployment and monitoring,

  • drive product development, advise on architecture choices and tools,

  • explore technologies, be creative and push things forward, inspire other people, share knowledge, and more.

We offer:

  • opportunity to grow in an international software and product development environment,

  • challenging startup projects, building MVPs, taking data-driven decisions, short iterations, tons of SaaS integrations, tackling scalability issues,

  • working with new technologies incl. node.js, es6, react.js, angular.js, java 8, cassandra, elasticsearch, docker, heroku, AWS, salesforce, zuora, twilio, stripe, mixpanel, contentful, zendesk, google apps

  • a strong team of software ninjas with 5+ years of experience,

  • a loft-style office in Katowice, with Razor Crazy Cart, bouldering wall, table tennis and table football,

  • remote work also acceptable.

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