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Create a successful online marketplace from scratch - introduction

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Building online marketplace from scratch - e-commerce basics: order management, platform infrastructure, payments, invoices, promotions, pricing and others.

The recent Gartner’s study "What's hot in digital commerce?" on digital commerce trends highlights Marketplace Integration and API-Based Commerce Platforms. The paper brackets these concepts with “strategies intended to help them [digital commerce companies] nimbly provide an outstanding experience without significant upfront investment.” Sounds serious, right? If you run an ecommerce business and you’re curious about how these strategies can be translated into technology and operations, you’ve come to the right place.

With this series of posts, we’d like to focus on the tech point of view and show you how to map the high-level concepts into working software architecture. We’ll try to do this by way of designing an online marketplace architecture from scratch.

Read the full article on the Voucherify blog.

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